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Waxing is temporary method of hair removal.
After waxing a post wax solution will be applied by the therapist. After waxing small red spots will appear where the hairs have been removed from.
These spots are normal and will disappear around 24 hours after waxing dependant on the
skin’s sensitivity levels.
Post waxing no products should be applied to the skin until the spotting has disappeared.
After you have had approx. 8 consecutive waxes your hairs will appear less. Approx. 1/3 of the total hair growth at any one time.
If you have any questions or concerns just ask your therapist and they will be happy to help you.
Remember the more you wax the better it gets.
Happy hair free times

Female Waxing

                                   J   /  S
Eye brow shape 13.00
Eye brow correction 18.00
Lip 8.00
Chin 8.00
Lip & Chin 14.00
Cheek wax 8.00
Full face (brows exc.) 18.00
Under arm 12.00
Forearm 10.00
Full arm 14.00
Chest 18.00
Back 10.00
Basic Bikini 16.00
½ leg 18.00
¾ leg 22.00
Full leg 29.00
Full leg & basic bikini 36.00
Fingers 4.00
Hands 5.00
Fingers & hands 6.00
Toes 4.00
Feet 5.00
Toes & Feet 6.00
eyebrow waxing
The management reserve the right to change information
and pricing at any time.
All major credit cards and debit cards accepted.
Relevant charges to credit and debit cards will be applied until further notice.

Intimate Waxing

Through Brazilian 23.00
Brazilian…landing strip 26.00
Hollywood (full hair removal) 35.00
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